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About C and T Iris Patch

C and T Iris Patch is a small commercial iris garden located 40 miles south east of Cheyenne, Wyoming, 26 miles east of Fort Collins, Colorado and 8 miles north of Greeley, Colorado. We are on county road 76, 2.5 miles east and 1 mile north of Eaton, Colorado. We are on 2 acres of farm ground with a full acre of irises.

Our business started in 1999 after spending years working for a public service company. We share a deep passion for irises and chose Eaton, Colorado because of its sandy soil which provides very healthy iris rhizomes with excellent roots. This area was also chosen because iris lovers in northern Colorado did not have the accessibility of an iris grower close to view the rainbow of colors a field of blooming irises provide. The climate here is dry (about 13 inches of rain a year on average), which is a big help in preventing soft rot in the iris rhizome.

Our iris patch has grown to about 3,200 varieties for your enjoyment. Each year we look forward to the iris bloom season. As the irises bloom we check it against the iris registrations to make sure it meets the correct description for the variety to ensure the irises are true to name.

Happy and healthy gardening,
Charlette and Tim Felte